In addition to our weekly meetings, we will have one or two camping trips, hikes, or events per month. The Troop Scoutmaster will let you know when and where Troop activities will take place. Parental attendance with the Scout at Troop meetings and events is encouraged but not required.

Uniform and materials:

Uniform and materials may be purchased at Ramsey Outdoor on Rt. 17—or you can check Ebay. Each scout needs 1) a tan Boy Scout shirt, 2) the Troop neckerchief, 3) a neckerchief slide, 4) a belt, 5) Boy Scout pants, and 6) the Boy Scout handbook. The Boy Scout hat is optional. The following patches are to be sewn onto the uniform: the digits of our Troop number (1-3-8), the Northern New Jersey Council shoulder patch, and the purple international Boy Scout emblem. Instructions about where to sew each patch onto the uniform are given in the handbook.

Community Service:

In addition to the fun that the boys will have, the Boy Scout law states a Scout is “Helpful”; the slogan is “Do a Good Turn Daily”; and the oath that is sworn includes “On my honor I will do my best…to help other people at all times”. We will take part in monthly service projects as a Troop. All Scouts are required to participate. Boys will also assist older Scouts in completing their Eagle Scout service projects.


Troop 138 collects an annual Troop fee (dues) of $75 every December. A prorated registration fee (based on our rechartering date of February) will be required upon entering the Troop. For example, if you are joining the troop in March, a fee of $35 is required. Every December thereafter, only the $75 Troop fee (dues) will be collected. The money collected by the Troop pays for the national registration fee for each Scout, insurance, all badges and awards, and program costs for Troop meetings.

Troop 138 also uses a portion of the Troop fee ($12 per year) to provide each Scout with a subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine, an excellent magazine, and an important part of our Journey to Excellence status.

Troop annual fundraisers:

Nationwide every September/October, Boy Scouts sell popcorn to earn money for their Troops. This money is used for Troop programming and events as well as for equipment that we otherwise would not be able to afford. A portion of the sales will go back to the Scout so he may attend summer camp- the more the scouts sell, the more they earn. Scouts also support the Troop funds in the annual Palm Sunday crosses sale and Easter plant sales.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The Troop needs the help of all its parents to run smoothly. We need help at Troop meetings and behind-the-scenes assistance in preparing for meetings and special events. Please smile and say you’ll be glad to do it!